About Us

 Weldbeast is a company created in 2019 and incorporated in 2020 in order to create, improve and provide the best products in the welding market to anyone who has this great occupation as a lifestyle, from welding enthusiasts to specialty welders who always expect to use the best to be the bests. 

As one of the most emerging brands in the past years, we stand as a brand who really understand about the welders needs and who has the aim of empowering the trade by bringing the best products with a new modern and great concept. Founded and operated by welders, for welders.

Today, Weldbeast is a brand trusted by hundreds and hundreds of people inside and outside the United States, providing our products around the world from USA to countries in the East like South Africa, Italy, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Israel, Australia to countries in South and Central America such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Mexico, Panama and Colombia and more.

Weldbeast conceptualizes every detail into one word known as excellence. More than a business, we are a company that cares about family, values and community. We firmly believe that hardworking people are the ones who inspire others to keep building this country one weld at the time.

Make the good, pay forward, love God, love people and stay beast.

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Facebook: @weldbeastUSA